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Our Team

Washburn team members have diverse professional and personal backgrounds, which helps us understand the issues that challenge and drive businesses, markets, and technologies. Our experience and continuing education in business and technical areas informs all of our projects and client relationships.

Dale Washburn Dale Washburn - Principal
Dale founded Washburn Communication in 1995, building on the momentum of a successful freelance writing and consulting practice. He enjoys the challenges of attracting and managing a team of creative, dynamic individuals who are dedicated to meeting our clients' communication needs. He also thrives on the variety of customers and their marketing and communications challenges, giving ample opportunity for bold, innovative approaches. Dale graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in technical communication and spent six years at Boeing Computer Services in Richland, Washington.

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Dixie Crockford Dixie Crockford - Principal
Dixie has been managing the company�s talented writing and editing teams for more than 10 years. She also leads content strategy and execution projects, including large digital marketing efforts for high-tech clients, including Microsoft, Seagate, and Cisco. Clients appreciate her content engineering skills�she always finds ways to help them reach key decision makers (C-level execs, IT pros, developers, or consumers) in a manner that resonates with those audiences. Before joining Washburn, Dixie developed her communication skills as a technical writer and editor at Microsoft and Boeing.

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Jeff Pike Jeff Pike has been a writer and public relations specialist for more than 20 years. During this time, Jeff developed the ability to translate technical terms and concepts into terms that make sense from a marketing perspective. He has helped countless companies convey corporate messaging and product-value statements through the written word, including case studies, press releases, newsletter articles and web text as well as public relations campaigns. Jeff's experience includes writing for enterprise applications; application servers; messaging; and development languages and tools, to name a few.

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Nona Allison Nona Allison, an experienced writer and editor, ensures that style, voice, and tone are in keeping with current brand guidelines, and she maintains quality and integrity of the publication through the very last review cycle. Nona has enjoyed a varied career in the high-tech industry, creating and editing content for HP, Microsoft, and Cisco.

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