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We hear this from our clients all the time: You guys “get it.”

Our reliable, talented writers and editors understand Microsoft technologies and marketing strategy. As skilled communicators, we understand the issues that drive business, move markets, and influence technology purchase decisions.

Dale Washburn - Principal Dale Washburn - Principal
Dale founded Washburn Communication in 1995, building on the momentum of a successful freelance writing and consulting practice. He enjoys the challenges of attracting and managing a team of creative, dynamic individuals who are dedicated to meeting our clients' communication needs. He also thrives on the variety of customers and their marketing and communications challenges, giving ample opportunity for bold, innovative approaches.

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Dixie Crockford - Principal Dixie Crockford - Principal
For more than a decade, Dixie has worked with Dale to lead the talented professionals at Washburn Communication. As an owner, she nurtures new clients while collaborating with remarkable writers and editors to ensure the highest level of quality for each word the company publishes. Her clients consider her to be a true content engineer—always finding ways to help them reach key decision makers (C-level execs, IT pros, developers, or consumers) in a manner that resonates with those audiences. Before joining Washburn, Dixie developed her communication skills as a technical writer and editor, serving at some of the best known high-tech companies in the world.

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Dixie Crockford Cindy Evans has been involved with high-tech marketing communications and sales for over 20 years. Successful in a wide variety of roles from content development to project management to online marketing, she brings a fresh approach to each project and transitions well from technology to marketing to customer service, in a way that benefits all her clients and associates. With attention to detail and a passion for innovation and growth, her efforts have supported marketing programs at Microsoft and technology start-ups across the region.

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Kim Plank is a highly experienced sales and marketing professional specializing in B2B marketing communications and is familiar with small business, mid-size, and enterprise-level shops. Marked success has stemmed from her ability to interface directly with Fortune 500 C-level and executive staff. Her central focus is on ensuring quality delivery, driving demand, and brand awareness in support of marketing programs across a variety of industries, including high-tech with Microsoft.

Chris Lemoine Chris Lemoine serves to ensure that marketing communications resonate with readers. A talented writer and project manager, his projects have included white papers, customer evidence, presentations, messaging and strategy documents, and other deliverables for clients inside and outside of Microsoft, including Microsoft Dynamics and Seagate Technology.

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Michael Kowalski Michael Kowalski, a 20-year veteran of technical and marketing communication, has worked with a variety of stakeholders to develop messaging frameworks, messaging guides, marketing materials, and field engagement collateral for a number of clients. For many years, Michael has written and managed the development of marketing collateral and case studies for Microsoft Services, Developer & Platform Evangelism, and Windows Mobile as well as Cisco and WatchGuard.

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Andrew Watson Andrew Watson is a seasoned marketing writer and editor and has developed content for Microsoft, Seagate, and Cisco, among others. He takes a hands-on approach to content development, working closely with clients to help ensure that both the form and the copy fit the function. Andrew earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Western Washington University, where he focused on creative writing.

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Sara Terry Sara Terry is highly adept at creating copy, from user assistance materials to B2B marketing communications. She excels at concisely describing technical or business concepts to end-users, administrators, and C-level audiences alike. With experience writing online Help systems, deployment guides, customer evidence, brochures, and more, Sara can help you to ensure that the right level of detail is communicated to the right person.
Jeff Pike Jeff Pike has been a writer and public relations specialist for more than 20 years. During this time, Jeff developed the ability to translate technical terms and concepts into terms that make sense from a marketing perspective. He has helped countless companies convey corporate messaging and product-value statements through the written word, including case studies, press releases, newsletter articles and web text as well as public relations campaigns. Jeff's experience includes writing for enterprise applications; application servers; messaging; and development languages and tools, to name a few.

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Clark Humphrey Clark Humphrey has been informing and entertaining readers for decades, bringing a journalistic point-of-view to a range of content projects. From articles to how-to’s for consumers or technical audiences, Clark’s clear, concise has supported some of the biggest names in high-tech, including Amazon and Microsoft, as well as local and regional news organizations.

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Nona Allison Nona Allison, an experienced writer and editor, ensures that style, voice, and tone are in keeping with current brand guidelines, and she maintains quality and integrity of the publication through the very last review cycle. Nona has enjoyed a varied career in the high-tech industry, creating and editing content for HP, Microsoft, and Cisco.

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Dail Bridges Dail Bridges spent eleven years working as a fulltime employee in the high-tech sector, both with Visio and Microsoft Corporations. At both companies, Dail developed print and Web content designed to help users better understand and be more productive with software. She has extensive experience in content design. Since then, she has written marketing content, end-user and IT professional content, and managed various Web sites.

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John Fahrenwald John Fahrenwald captures the contents of interviews accurately and quickly for some of our most important projects, working either live and in real-time or from recorded conversations. John is an experienced Communication Access Realtime Translation provider for the University of Arizona and is a certified court reporter and technical transcriptionist.

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